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Broken Garage Door Cable

Garage door cables to replace or repair snapped or frayed cables on an existing up-and-over garage doors. The cables are often the most common part to fail on the garage door, usually due to general wear and tear or the door not being opened correctly. If your cables begin to look frayed or worn, it's time to think about replacing them before they snap. Always replace both cables at the same time. Luckily replacement cables are usually an inexpensive part and your garage door can be repaired and in full working order again. In addition to door lifting cables we also stock garage door locking and latch cables to repair a broken lock mechanism.

What To Do If Your Garage Door Cable Snaps

Garage doors don’t seem complicated, but in reality, they’re complex mechanisms made up of many working parts, and each is essential to moving the heavy door as smoothly as possible. When the cable that runs inside the springs suddenly breaks, you have a serious problem on your hands.


On this page, we explain how garage door cables work, whether you can repair the cable yourself and what to do if your garage door is stuck open.


How Do Cables Work?


When you open and close your garage door, its springs counterbalance the door’s weight. Because the springs are under an incredible amount of tension, if one breaks, it might cause severe damage or injury. That’s why heavy cables run through the springs to prevent them from recoiling.


The cable used on your garage door depends on the manufacturer the door is.





Lift cables are used on garage doors with torsion springs, with the cables attached to the door’s bottom corners and routed to the torsion springs above the door.


Retaining cables are used in garage doors with extension springs to prevent springs from flying across the room if they break. The cables are inside the springs, which run vertically along the door’s right and left sides.


While garage door cables are extremely strong and flexible, they’re not impervious to breaking. Paying attention to the condition of your garage door’s springs and cables is essential. If your inspection reveals any damage or breakage, call a professional immediately.

Can I Fix My Cable

The cables could wind around the drum incorrectly, so the door becomes jammed.


The cables can completely unwind from the drum and need to be reconnected.


The pulleys get worn out, and the cable stops operating smoothly.

If Your Garage Door Is Stuck Open

If a cable breaks while the garage door is open, your home is left exposed. To protect your home and family, you’ll need to cut the unbroken cable to get the door to close. Our cable repairs include replacing both cables as a precaution, so cutting the good cable won’t increase the repair cost.

broken garage door cable
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