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Replacement Henderson Garage Door cables
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We stock all old and new garage door cables

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Henderson garage door cables are made of steel bowden cable and although they are very durable, they are suseptable to breaking, especially after many years of continued use. Some Henderson garage door cables break at the loop where they attach to the side roller spindle. This area can often be exposed to the elements and inevitably they are attacked by rust over the years. These cables are also under extreme tension at all times and any defect or fault in the garage door cables will cause the cable to snap. Henderson garage door lifting cables were used on the Henderson Merlin Mk1 & Mk11 garage doors and the Henderson Doric garage door, the two most popular garage doors in the Henderson range. When the Henderson garage door cables are renewed, they are replaced with the plastic slotted cones as an integral unit. The replacement of Henderson cones and cables is probably the most common garage door repair we undertake. For more details on replacing Henderson cones and cables, please telephone the Garage Door Repair Guy 07519674469 .

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